I finished the CSP review a couple of weeks ago and sat for the exam. I truly thought the CSP was harder than the ASP and I had been told the opposite by friends. It took me 4+ hours to finish and the ASP took about 3+ (if memory serves). I worked the homework a couple of times and I worked the BCSP review exam 3 times. Thanks to Bowen and for the prep and good luck to the folks that have yet to sit for the exam.

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I took the CIH exam today and received a preliminary pass. I had to stare at the screen for a second to realize I had passed..the big green circle with pass in it was not getting through. I would like to thank Russ and the rest of my classmates for their help because without them I would not have been able to pass. The workshop was awesome and got me pointed in the right direction on where to focus my energy. Thanks.

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I took the CSP Prep Class in October of 2018 at the beginning of my study process. I just took the CSP Exam on Tuesday and passed. I wanted to thank the Bowen EHS organization for all of the hard work that went into putting together the study resources that are available through Bowen EHS. A big part of my study process involved the Bowen EHS CSP exam practice question vault and practice quizzes and going back through the downloaded lectures. Bowen EHS is an awesome resource and I have recommended it to several colleagues. I am now a dual certified CIH and CSP and it is mostly thanks to Bowen EHS. Keep up the good work.

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I received a preliminary pass on the CIH exam. I took the most recent Bowen CIH exam prep class in preparation for this exam. It helped me identify areas where my knowledge base was weak, so I could concentrate my studies in those areas. I also passed the CSP exam in August. The resources available for premium members helped me to be successful in both exams. I recommend that on test day, you focus on being well-rested and as relaxed as you can. I had a full night's rest and took a long shower before leaving my house. I had a small breakfast and took a large bottle of water with me to the testing center. The water was for the mid-exam break period. I would’ve brought a small snack if I thought I wouldn’t be done by lunchtime. I wasn’t anxious before the exam because the worst-case scenario is you don’t pass and you’ll get a breakdown on what rubric you were lacking. That would help you focus your studies for the next attempt. Best of luck on your attempts and don’t give up!

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I passed the CSP9 exam on my first try. This was my first attempt at taking a BCSP exam as I was a GSP first. The fall ASP/CSP review course with Mike Edens was very helpful and a good starting point. The Brauer book was my main study guide for this exam. I read it from front to cover and did all the review questions at the end of each chapter. If you understand the key concepts in the review course, take the blueprint practice exam to understand your weakness, and read supplemental texts, then you will breeze through this exam. Good luck to future candidates!

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I completed your CIH Exam Review course Spring of 2019. Due to surgery in 2019 and COVID cancellation in the spring of 2020, I was not able to sit for my exam until this month. I am very excited to let you know that I received a preliminary pass on my exam. Thank you so much for the resources and quality training you provided to help set up a reasonable study plan for the exam. I still reviewed a number of resources outside of your class material, but your course put me on the correct flight path to reach my destination. Thanks, again!!

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I passed my CSP today (passed my ASP 2 weeks ago)! Thank you SO much to everyone @ Bowen and all of my fellow ASP/CSP "preppers"! The study sessions, emails, quizzes and countless hours on the app definitely helped prepare for both exams.

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Sat for the CIH exam and got the green checkmark - Preliminary Pass! Phew! Thanks for all of the help, education and fun provided by Bowen EHS staff. I feel certain I would not have been successful without completing this preparation material.


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I took the CIH exam earlier this week and received a preliminary pass!! WHAT A RELIEF! I can say with confidence that the Bowen course is a great prep tool! I have already recommended it to two other colleagues who are preparing for the exam. I will probably be back for the CSP prep too.

In addition to obviously completing the course, I highly recommend downloading the app to your phone so that you can take the 10 question test on the go. I also suggest creating flash cards on quizlet (or wherever) and downloading that app to your phone. This was very valuable. I created over 400 flashcards and looked at them daily.

I also did a ton of the mini-exams on the premium resources. I reached the point that I even scored a 100% once. I would go back and look at all of the solutions, even the ones I got correct, to make sure that I completely understood the rationale and any additional material that I should know.

I can't express how excited I am to have my life back! As you may gather from my recommendations, I spent A LOT OF TIME studying! Best of luck to you all! And that feeling when looking at the screen telling me that I passed, was so worth it all! And that fact that I don't have to do it again :)

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Wooowhoo! Passed the ASP in August and the CSP today! Thanks for the great review/prep course. Not sure I would have had the confidence to attempt the tests without it.

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Passed the ASP last week, CSP today. I took the course with Patrick which was a huge help for the ASP. I completed many study exams from the vault, studied what I missed and also read up on what exactly the incorrect options really were. I read Brauer, made flashcards, re-watched the classes, and reviewed/studied like mad since the end of the class in July. Although a common theme was to skip the math, I worked really hard at the math and I think that helped me a lot with the ASP. I did flag the math and went back to it but had plenty of time and most came fairly easy from the practice. I jumped right back in for the CSP exam a week later and although I passed, it really was tough. Finished with 8 minutes to spare. Flagged the math, which there were not as many questions, but much more complicated, multiple-step problems. The topics go so much deeper than the ASP and more so than I expected. It really takes knowing and understanding the material. Lots of system and management questions. Just so glad it's over! Patrick, thanks so much for the job you did with the summer class, not sure what I would have done without it!

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Passed the ASP!  Started studying in earnest in mid-January, using the Brauer and Yates books, primarily. Took the ASP/CSP combo online review session from Bowen that started in February. I am fortunate in that I have very strong employer support, so I was also able to access the Datachem service and purchase the SPAN review books.

Overall, regarding the test: Math was approximately the percentage of the test I expected. Virtually all of the math I had was covered in sufficient depth by the Bowen online course, so any extra practice I got using the other resources was a bonus. The remainder of the test was a combination of what I'd call "safety trivia."

For all the access to study materials I had, I can tell you that easily 1/3 of the questions were items that were not covered specifically in any of the commonly referenced materials. But then, if you look at the BCSP reference guide reading list, it's pretty lengthy so there is no shortage of material to draw from. It truly is a test that's a mile wide by an inch deep.

Of all the items I had access to for reference, I would rank them as follows:

1.  Bowen ASP/CSP online course and resources. Sample questions most accurately matched up with what I was presented with in style/format.

2.  Datachem software. Simply a huge volume of study questions to work from and the ability to do "study sessions" on topics that I felt weak in was a great benefit.

3.  SPAN workbook. Overall the material was pretty good, but it seemed like older, re-purposed questions.

I passed through brute force repetition of questions and study topics. Now on to the CSP!

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I passed the CSP on my second attempt. I took the Bowen CSP review and studied the Brauer and Yates books, specifically in System Safety and Management. I also used the CSP review from Data Chem. Last week, I took a Hazmat Waste Generator class through Compliance Schools and found that some of the material they reviewed was on the exam. Oh! I almost forgot, I reviewed questions from the free Bowen resources which are all from the free Thursday emails. That helped a lot, too. I want to say "Thank you!" to Bowen EHS for all of the resources and really good study material. I appreciate it so much!!

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I passed the CSP exam...and so will you!! Without compromising the exam, here's my "two cents" for your exam success.Know the equations. They may or may not be provided on the exam, so I highly recommend you know them. And don't just know the equation, but understand which one is used and when. I actually had to use an engineering economics equation in reverse ...just glad I knew what equation worked for the scenario given. Calculators are not allowed in the testing site. The on-screen calculator works just like the one provided by Bowen EHS. Just be sure that each time you close out the on-screen calculator, be sure to set it to Classic Mode when you open it back up. If you don't, you'll get weird figures on the calculator and realize something is not looking right. Understand ALL material in the Bowen EHS review course book. It's not enough to just know the words or terms, but also the application of the terms. Take the time to go through the CSP 10 Blueprint...you'll be glad you did. I had 30 total pages (front and back!!) of notes outlining all of the items on the Blueprint. Well worth the time spent in preparing and learning the material. Some info is provided on the Blueprint presentation / handout (ROHS, REACH, etc). Review the Bowen EHS study questions. I have all questions to 2005. I found it helpful to separate them by topic so I could focus on a particular topic. You can get more info on the CIH and CHMM study vault. Bottom line...do what you need to do to pass the exam!! I studied hours (no joke!!) each weekday and weekend for 5+ months, but it paid off in the end. THANK YOU Bowen EHS for all the exam material you provide us. You truly set up your students for success!! Highly recommended!!

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Happy to share with you my preliminary pass. Thank you all and Russ for the help in preparing - this forum was a good tool. To pay it back here are a few things that may help: 1) if there is a topic Russ “reviewed” that you don’t have experience with, it might be good to seek out extra training in that area; 2) Don’t let questions on the exam that you’ve not studied shake you up. There will be things you didn’t review - expect it and don’t let it impede your testing ability on other questions; 3) Study big-picture items that make you a good industrial hygienist; 4) pay attention to where the practice problems came from in the quiz bank and study there!

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Hi everyone, I wrote my CSP exam today and passed. I want to thank the Bowen team, the prep course was very useful. I was stressed before the exam because of the math and thought it would be hard but with adequate study time and the right resources, I felt confident at the end of the exam when I hit the submit button. I used Bowen's CSP prep course and tried to listen to the recording whenever I could. For example when I'm traveling for work, etc. Other resources I used was the Brauer text book. The main thing that helped the most was doing the practices question over and over again. I used a variety of questions from Bowen, SPAN, and DataChem. During the exam you can bring 2 calculators, I brought the TI-30 that came with the Bowen prep and a financial calculator HP10BII (it came in handy for engineering economy questions). Don't be discouraged about math! Just practice the question, take a dive and do the exam, it's not as bad as you think! Good luck to everyone writing in the future!

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Thank you Bowen EHS for the fantastic review course, it really helped me on my path to achieving the CSP certification. One test down, one to go! Your expertise is much appreciated!

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Passed the ASP! The exam was challenging. My test did not include much math; however, there are a lot of questions you really need to think through. I only had 11 minutes to spare at the end. The course really helped. I studied hard and reviewed the class material in the areas that I needed improvement. The practice quizzes were extremely helpful. Thank you very much!

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This was my third time. The first time I was just not prepared. The second time I came away with 105 and needed 110 to pass, so close but so far away. Today I felt confident and sure I was going to pass. I used the ASP-CSP course and took all the tests on the website I could. I took so many that I ran out of available questions. I would take a quiz every other night and on the weekend I would read a chapter and review the weeks quizzes. A week before my exam I reviewed all the quizzes and watched youtube videos on Manslow, Heinrick, and Hertzburg. I reviewed short films on environmental disasters and worked on math problems. It worked for me! I PASSED TODAY! My emotions are very low normally but getting the paper from the proctor made me so happy I teared up a little bit and was surprised by that. I have worked towards this goal for a while now and now it has paid off. Thank you Bowen!

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I passed the ASP this and I couldn't think Pat and Russ enough for the help and support throughout the course and study prep. This was my 3rd time taking the exam (once before the prep course and another time in the middle of the prep course). I would recommend finishing the prep course all the way through before taking the exam, as I felt fully prepared today. Now on to the CSP. Thank again Pat and Russ!

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