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We love getting honest feedback from our clients. In addition to letting us know how we are doing, they let us know what worked or didn't work for them while preparing for their CIH exam.

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I took the CIH exam and got preliminary pass!!! Thanks to the Bowen EHS team especially Russ & Rick, I listened to Russ lectures multiple times to learn and clear many difficult concepts. I prepared my flashcards especially Toxicology and spent some time with IH reference & study guide, Very good book nicely written in short to cover all rubrics of IH. I also spent a lot of time to practice calculations especially ventilation, noise, general science equations etc. If you want to make your score higher just practice more and more calculations problems. This will definitely help to pass the exam. Lastly, Bowen practice questions were really good preparation for the exam
Good luck to all those taking the exam.

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I passed both the ASP and CSP! I really appreciate all the preparation skills Bowen provided. I was guilty of rescheduling both tests once each, however, I would have definitely procrastinated taking them both even longer if Bowen prep materials didn't strongly urge us not to do that. Anyone considering rescheduling, just take the test.  The best advice I can share, that others shared with me, take a lot of practice tests and quizzes (the app really is fantastic!). I was averaging in the 80-85% range (sometimes higher) on all the practice tests I took when I finally took the tests. I think that helped me feel confident I would be able to do well on the actual test and helped me build the stamina to answer the 200 questions in one sitting.  The Bowen practice tests cover a great spread of topics which is nice. I looked in the databank and saw there were around a 1000 questions used to generate the random quizzes, so plenty of examples and things to review. Occasionally the questions repeated (which shows you how many practice tests I took), but that helped me make sure I remembered how to answer that kind of question. Some of the more challenging topics took a few attempts of seeing the same question over and over before I was consistently able to answer it correctly. Long post, but I appreciate the skills and resources Bowen gave me and wanted to share a little advice for those next in line for the test. I can't wait to sign up for the CIH prep course in the fall and start preparing for that exam with Bowen.

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I just completed the 2016-08 CHMM review course with Will Pate and took the exam one week later. I was nervous to push the submit exam button, but the message came up that I passed! Big thanks to Will for teaching a great review course. Many topics from the review course helped with my success on this exam. I would recommend for others to begin making your own flash cards right away when you are taking the review course. Review that content frequently. There are a lot of things to have memorized for this exam. Big thanks to Will and Bowen EHS! :)

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Good Morning, I just wanted to let you know that I passed my ASP in October and CSP in December. I feel that your ASP/CSP class really helped, along with your iPhone app. I used the app several days per week to study, which gave me a good idea of where I need to improve.Thank you!


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Happy to report that I just finished my exam and received my Preliminary pass on my very first attempt! The exam is tough and realize there are some things you just can't study for. Make educated guesses, and read the questions CAREFULLY! Check your units! I studied with Bowen EHS, Health Hazards book, TLV Book, and AIHA Reference and Study guide. Thanks for the course and all the helpful info, Rustin!

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I passed my CSP today!! I should have taken the review course 3 months ago when I sat for my CSP exam for the first time! I didn’t pass the 1st time by 1 answer (which was frustrating, I even asked the Board for review) but on the other hand I expected it because I took the test without studying for the CSP. I enrolled in another Bowen EHS course and did as many practice questions as I could. Now I can enjoy the holidays and next year will start studying for the CIH. Thanks to Will, to the Bowen EHS team and to the rest of the participants for being part of my success in my journey to obtaining my ASP and CSP!

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I passed the ASP this and I couldn't think Pat and Russ enough for the help and support throughout the course and study prep. This was my 3rd time taking the exam (once before the prep course and another time in the middle of the prep course). I would recommend finishing the prep course all the way through before taking the exam, as I felt fully prepared today. Now on to the CSP. Thank again Pat and Russ!

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Passed the ASP today! Thanks Patrick and Bowen! I felt confident going into the exam but once it started it was a different story. I was assuming I wasn’t doing good at all, a bunch of 50/50 answers and trying to pick the best answer. Not as much math as I prepared for. Thanks again and good luck to the rest! CSP up next!

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Finished taking my CIH test today and received a preliminary pass! A lot of the comments I have been reading I found useful. What I will say is if you follow the rubric and study what your predecessors are telling you, may be a good idea and you should be fine. I put in between 2-3 hours a day for 8 weeks, and prior to that, I spent weekdays studying. Bowen quiz and practice questions have been invaluable to my progress. I also used the ACGIH IH calculations book, Quantitative IH book by Jack C ACGIH (great book, just doesn't present the questions in the same format as Bowen), did not use Datachem. If you understand how to manipulate the equations and have a good understanding of algebra I think you will do just fine on the math portion. At the end of the day, it's what we put into it that matter, you put the work in or you don't. Prepare like it's something you will only do once and you will be rewarded.  Thanks for everything Russ, I don't think I would have been as prepared as I would if not for your entire platform: class, study guides, quizzes, references, etc. 

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Took the CSP exam on June 29th and passed on the first attempt. Thank you for the course and study material!

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Happy to share with you my preliminary pass. Thank you all and Russ for the help in preparing - this forum was a good tool. To pay it back here are a few things that may help: 1) if there is a topic Russ “reviewed” that you don’t have experience with, it might be good to seek out extra training in that area; 2) Don’t let questions on the exam that you’ve not studied shake you up. There will be things you didn’t review - expect it and don’t let it impede your testing ability on other questions; 3) Study big-picture items that make you a good industrial hygienist; 4) pay attention to where the practice problems came from in the quiz bank and study there!

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I feel happy and grateful saying that 10 months after starting the 2018-10 ASP-CSP Online Review, I have earned my CSP.  I earned the ASP back in June. Passing both of these tests, let alone even sitting for them, to begin with, was facilitated by the strategic and thoughtful instruction of Patrick Lee and Russ Bowen. Thank you both, (and everyone at Bowen EHS) so very much for your dedication and enthusiastic teaching! I primarily made use of the classroom materials and the ASP/CSP app for the bulk of my studying and passed both tests on the first go around. Admittedly, a fair number of the questions on the CSP exam were beyond the precise scope of the coursework, but even for many of these, given the robust background of safety topics and specifics that we covered, I felt confident in my ability to work out the answers to much what I hadn't directly been exposed to just yet. So, strategically, this course really worked for me! I also have to say that it was a lot of fun learning or relearning all of the various safety topics out there. I feel like I have been exposed to a bunch of different languages, and I am now more proficient in each of them than I was before. Do I feel like the coursework and earning the ASP and CSP have turned me into the ultimate safety guru? No!  But I do feel like what I have learned, and what I have accomplished has made me feel significantly more confident in my ability to both know my current limits, and also to move more boldly into more challenging safety work, knowing that I have a good baseline foundation upon which to build. And it was fun to do these courses from home or from whatever coffee shop or hotel room I could get myself to so that I could join up with the bi-weekly online formula gym!

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