Client Feedback: CIH Exam Courses

We love getting honest feedback from our clients. In addition to letting us know how we are doing, they let us know what worked or didn't work for them while preparing for their CIH exam.

Read on to find out more.

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I just want to follow-up and let everyone know that I sat for and passed the CSP exam. I felt well prepared for the exam and had a good idea of what to expect thanks to the ASP-CSP Review course. As for the test, some of the topics on it were not expected (Hazmat shipping, Hazardous wastes, environmental fates) and other were exactly what you would think would be on the exam. When it came to the math based questions, it was hit or miss as to if you were provided the equations. and if they were provided, they were not always in a format similar to what is on the BCSP equation sheet. Additionally, a lot of the math that I had was not covered in the course.


I accomplished my goal yesterday by passing the CSP. I passed the ASP a couple of weeks and just continued to hunker down. The course definitely helped me reach my goal. I appreciate the guidance provided, it helped me become familiar with concepts that I would have had trouble with trying to learn on my own. I would definitely recommend the ASP/CSP course to anymore wanting to take the test. Good luck to all!


I passed the ASP (first attempt) with two hours remaining in the test. For studying I used the Bowen EHS ASP Prep Course (thank you for all the hard work and effort that goes into this class Russ) - this was extremely helpful in giving a general overview of all the topics (even though I missed all the live classes...oops, a good thing for recordings!). I also had the luxury of my company providing the Brauer and Yates books (to me Yates was more helpful). I went through the ASP blueprint and tabbed out sections in the books that applied. I also used the ASP Pocket Prep app on my phone (most of the questions reference the Yates book). Wish you all the best of luck!


Passed the CSP exam! After 4 rescheduled test dates I was finally able to sit and I am very glad to say I passed. Thank you to Kyle for doing an excellent job instructing the class! After reviewing each question and doing one final review before submitting; I can honestly say there was little to no doubt that I hadn't passed. 



I just received the congratulatory confirmation email from the IHMM stating I passed. Good to have this in the rearview mirror now. Such a relief. The Bowen CHMM course was ideal. The breadth of chapters/subjects really prepared me for the exam. I listened to the lectures/classes repeatedly after the course ended and drilled the information into my head: at work next to my computer in the car, and at home. I highly recommend the CHMM review course to everyone.


I know you keep stats of students that pass exams. I took your ASP/CSP class back in 2012! Yeah, life gets in the way, and I didn't sit for my ASP exam until last Saturday. I still had all the materials from your class and used them to study. Well, I passed! I plan to go for the CSP soon, I want to ride the ASP high for a little bit ;). Thanks for a good product.


Good afternoon Russ! I am writing to let you know that I just sat for the CSP exam and passed the test!! I am so excited to share the news with you!!!  It was through all your detailed class preparation and dedication to the program that I was able to successfully complete the exam! I had attended your on line ASP class in March and sat for the ASP in early June.  I was planning to wait to take your CSP class as well and wanted to complete the CSP by the end of the year.  I got antsy and couldn’t wait any longer!  I studied your material and the reference information you had recommended during our class.  I took a deep breath this morning and went in with my fingers crossed! I am so relieved to have passed! It is all because of your wonderful prep class and dedication to us as students! Thanks for everything!  Mark me down as a successful client!


Passed the ASP!  Started studying in earnest in mid-January, using the Brauer and Yates books, primarily. Took the ASP/CSP combo online review session from Bowen that started in February. I am fortunate in that I have very strong employer support, so I was also able to access the Datachem service and purchase the SPAN review books.

Overall, regarding the test: Math was approximately the percentage of the test I expected. Virtually all of the math I had was covered in sufficient depth by the Bowen online course, so any extra practice I got using the other resources was a bonus. The remainder of the test was a combination of what I'd call "safety trivia."

For all the access to study materials I had, I can tell you that easily 1/3 of the questions were items that were not covered specifically in any of the commonly referenced materials. But then, if you look at the BCSP reference guide reading list, it's pretty lengthy so there is no shortage of material to draw from. It truly is a test that's a mile wide by an inch deep.

Of all the items I had access to for reference, I would rank them as follows:

1.  Bowen ASP/CSP online course and resources. Sample questions most accurately matched up with what I was presented with in style/format.

2.  Datachem software. Simply a huge volume of study questions to work from and the ability to do "study sessions" on topics that I felt weak in was a great benefit.

3.  SPAN workbook. Overall the material was pretty good, but it seemed like older, re-purposed questions.

I passed through brute force repetition of questions and study topics. Now on to the CSP!


Hands down the ASP/CSP prep course was the best tool in my prep toolbox. During the test, I was confident in the majority of my answers and that in itself alleviated test anxiety during the exam. I will say this though...this is not a straight memorization test, you will be presented with a topic and must choose the best answer based on information given. I treated this course as my capstone to studying. What I mean by this is that I used the ASP blueprint provided by the BCSP, ACGIH TLV booklet, OSHA 1910 standards, and the NIOSH pocket guide. This prep course with watching the lectures, doing the homework and reading the corresponding chapters in the Yates Safety Professional book really tied all of this stuff together for me. Last note, read the questions carefully. During my first glance at the question, I felt I could narrow the potential right choices down to two options. I then would reread the question and look for the stem words described by the course and usually a choice would just seem right. Almost like it was a 3 D hologram screaming at me (I am the right choice). Then there were the ones I just didn't know. Made a selection and moved on. Saved all the math problems for the end and the questions were straightforward, I just didn't remember all the math we learned so had to guess on a few of those as well.


I passed the ASP! There was a lot less calculation based questions than I anticipated. The Bowen Class really helped. I also studied "Safety Professional's Reference & Study Guide" by David Yates which helped. A combination of the Bowen Class/App, the study guide mentioned above and the "Pocket Prep" App; I feel I was well prepared. It was a long walk to get that piece of paper (result) waiting for me at the corner of the desk when I left the exam room!


CIH Preliminary Pass November 2020! Thanks for the win! The material from the class was so helpful, but it really was a bigger benefit to participate in a live webinar class compared to study on my own with just books! My exam was canceled and rescheduled twice for COVID but I finally got it done!



Good Overall Program to use in conjunction with other study aides. One Issue I had was not being able to watch lectures over on Tablet Devices such as an IPAD.