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Modern Industrial Hygiene Volumes 1, 2, & 3

The most comprehensive texts available on the current practice of industrial hygiene.  Dr. Perkins has done an excellent job of editing the text so that there is minimal or no duplication between the chapters by the various authors.  The contributors and reviewers did a fantastic job of presenting the material in a clear and precise manner.  The texts present technical information important to the practicing industrial hygienist in a straight forward manner.  

Volumes 1 and 2 have been available in the past, but I've been hesitant to recommend the texts prior to the release of volume 3.  They were somewhat incomplete.  The series has one more volume to go with the evaluation of physical hazards, and I am looking forward to the release of volume 4 as well.  However, I believe the first 3 volumes provide enough of a firm foundation in the practice of industrial hygiene and preparation for the ABIH comprehensive IH exam.

Volume 1 is focused on the recognition, evaluation and control of chemical agents.  Topics include an overview of industrial hygiene and diseases in the workplace as well as tools and methods for assessing the workplace hazards.

Volume 2 provides insight regarding biological aspects of industrial hygiene.  It includes chapters on the respiratory system, dermal exposures, ergonomics, epidemiology and biological agents.  This is a good occupational toxicology text as well as an instruction manual on how to evaluate biological hazards.

Volume 3 is devoted to controlling the hazards of chemical agents.  The main focus is on ventilation, but it also reviews respiratory protection and personal protective equipment as well as describing administrative risk management tools.

I believe Modern Industrial Hygiene is the highest quality comprehensive text for industrial hygiene on the market today.Provides very basic information on most industrial hygiene topics. Relatively easy read. Do not recommend purchasing if you have a good library or already own The Industrial Environment: Its Evaluation and Control.

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