Repetition, repetition, repetition, rep….


Learning a new discipline or grasping a new concept isn't always easy for most of us. To really understand the new concept or idea, one must, well….. practice, practice and practice some more.  There are a few things we can master the first time we are presented with the information, but most of the time, we must go through the material again and again and again. (And maybe some more.)

This is especially true when preparing for the ASP exam, CSP exam, CHMM exam or CIH exam. In order to do well, one needs to practice using the concepts, ideas, disciplines they just learned. 

Some folks choose to take a review course before sitting for their certification exam and most review courses are designed to review the fundamental concepts of the appropriate discipline.  However, it is very difficult to sit through two hours of an online lecture or seven hours of an in-person workshop and fully grasp all of the material.  I think it is essentially impossible. 

One thing a course using online lectures has over a week-long workshop is the availability of the recorded lectures. It is easy to go back and review the material multiple times. Each time the material is reviewed, it sinks in just a little more and some of the concepts that were missed the first time may have more meaning the second or third time.

Many of our clients report they were successful on their certification exam because they were able to review the recorded lectures two or three times.I believe this is an excellent preparation strategy. 

Listen, study, repeat.


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