RCRA Collection

RCRA Collection

RCRA Fundamentals (Part 1)

Waste generation is a byproduct of manufacturing. As a safety professional, knowing how to manage hazardous waste to the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) standard is important for protecting both human health and the environment. It's also important to know how to comply with federal regulations.

This webinar takes you through the proper handling, storage, and disposal of hazardous waste. Also explained are how these methods allow for much of the daily hazardous waste management to occur without a permit, provided the guidelines set by the standards are followed.


RCRA: Getting Deeper into Waste Management (Part 2)

Part two of the RCRA webinar series dives deeper into discussing proper handling, storage, and disposal of hazardous waste. This webinar covers more advanced topics that assist generator environmental compliance. 

0.2 CEUs available for those who complete the course. Eligible for contact hours through the BGC, BCSP, IHMM, and other OEHS certifying agencies. Learn more



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RCRA Collection Self-Paced PDC Details



This self-paced webinar collection is designed to provide OEHS professionals...

Course Expectations

  • Videos and other learning aids are provided for self-paced learning. Course activities may include but are not limited to practice activities, multiple-choice quizzes, and small group activities. These activities are designed to engage participants and assist in the retention of presented information.
  • Access to all course activities and materials is available for one (1) year from the paid registration date through the Bowen EHS® Learning Center.

Course Objectives

Upon completion, participants should be able to: 

  1. Define solid waste and how it applies to hazardous waste.
  2. List the characteristic and hazardous waste codes mean and how to apply them to your waste streams.
  3. Describe handling, storage, and disposal requirements of hazardous waste-based on generator status.
  4. Name the three generator classes and how to classify your organization.
  5. Refresh on general RCRA guidelines to set the base of knowledge.
  6. Understand how to use the regulations to support operations. Compliance tools can ease the burdensome feel of regulation.
  7. Manage waste at the point of generation.
  8. Understand some advanced topics that are common in industry.
  9. Demonstrate how to use the advanced topics to support RCRA compliance.



This course contains 2.0 hours of instruction. 0.2 CEUs are offered for this course.

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Eligible for contact hours with the BGC, BCSP, IHMM, and other OEHS certifying agencies.

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Notices and Requirements


Completion Requirements

Participants must complete the following items to receive a Certificate of Completion:

  1. View all videos and complete all activities.
  2. Complete the course evaluation.

No certificate will be awarded to participants who do not meet the above completion requirements.

Computer Requirements

The Bowen EHS® Learning Center requires a web browser (i.e. Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge, etc.) that can handle web standards and Javascript well. The best results come from using an up-to-date browser.

Proprietary Interest

Bowen EHS may have a proprietary interest in the products, instruments, devices, services or materials discussed in this course.

The Bowen EHS® Continuing Ed Package

Get access to all PDCs and Webinars in the package for one year and earn up to 50 contact hours.

Purchase 1-year | $349