The Bowen Learning Network online virtual classrooms are powered by BigBlueButton. It fully supports the Windows, Mac OS X, and Chromebook platforms (see below for versions supported). Support is available for iOS (iPads) and Android Tablets. While smart phones can be used, the screens are too small to display all of the aspects of the Virtual Classroom.  For the best online learning experience, the use of a device with a larger screen is HIGHLY recommended. A physical keyboard is also recommended.

You will need the following:

  • Internet access
  • One of the recommended web browsers listed for your device (below)
  • Ability to hear audio
You only need to be able to hear audio (i.e. speakers or headphones) to participate in the live lectures; you do not need a webcam or microphone. The instructor uses a microphone. Clients use the text chat window and virtual classroom tools to interact in class.

Learn more: Connecting to the Virtual Classroom

For your safety and convenience, keep your devices and web browsers updated.

Member Center Requirements

The Member Center can be accessed with a device using one of the following web browsers:

Other web browsers may also work but are not supported.

Virtual Classroom Requirements

For live interaction, please use the browsers below for your device(s). Other browsers not listed may not allow you to participate fully.

Recordings can be accessed by all up-to-date web browsers.
Browsers By Device/Operating System
Device / Operating SystemPreferred BrowsersAcceptable BrowsersAdditional Equipment
Windows Chrome (Google), Firefox (Mozilla)  Edge(Microsoft) speakers / headset if not included (desktops)
Mac Chrome (Google), Firefox (Mozilla) Safari (Apple) speakers / headset if not included (desktops)
Chromebooks Chrome (Google)   speakers / headset if not included
 iPad, iPhone (iOS 12.2 or higher)1 Safari    
 Android (6 or higher)1  Chrome    
  1. We can only offer limited support on the iPad and Android devices. Phones are not recommended because of the small screen size.  For the best online learning experience, the use of a laptop, Chromebook, or desktop computer is HIGHLY recommended.

Learn more: Connecting to the Virtual Classroom