Client Feedback: ASP®-CSP® Exam Courses

We love getting honest feedback from our clients. In addition to letting us know how we are doing, they let us know what worked or didn't work for them while preparing for their ASP® and CSP® exams.

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I passed the CSP! My journey took longer than I expected because I had to wait for my results from the ASP beta and then COVID! But I re-listened to all the lectures from last fall's ASP/CSP prep course and went in confident. Thanks for all the guidance!


Passed the CSP! I took the ASP/CSP course with Patrick but did so asynchronously. I watched all the videos, did all the homework, the pre-test, final, and makeup final. I took the ASP in 2017, and this time my work offered Bowen and it was very helpful. I will say that the exam surprised me this time around. There were many questions about change management, but having just completed my MBA with a concentration in organizational change I was well prepared. But, I mention it because if you haven't studied change management you should maybe get familiar with it. There were a lot of Environmental questions that stood out for me, I'm not strong or even really experienced in enviro., so for others looking to study maybe work some of the extra questions Bowen offers. Patrick, thanks for your help and thank you for your terrible dad jokes, I've already used a couple of them.



Thanks in large part to the Bowen ASP-CSP course, I passed my CSP exam after passing the ASP just 2 weeks earlier! I agree with Russ on his advice to take the CSP as soon as possible after passing the ASP. The CSP was definitely more difficult as it was more conceptual and applied in nature, requiring one to draw on real-life experience and knowledge in addition to knowing the fundamentals. In addition to reviewing the ASP-CSP course materials, the Brauer book and the Yates book were also good references that helped me prepare for both exams. Good luck to all!


Just passed the ASP early April and passed the CSP about 2 weeks after. Thank you Bowen team for the test prep, A big shout-out to Pat, who made the test prep quite enjoyable and engaging. "I say Cotton Dust, you say Byssinosis". My study resources: Bowen ASP-CSP review course (for me the course itself is sufficient to pass the ASP); Pocket Prep BCSP ASP App (I paid for the ultimate, note that everything from here is from the Safety Professionals' Reference and Study Guide by David Yates, it's great to brush up on specific topic knowledge); Safety Professionals' Reference and Study Guide 2nd Ed, by David Yates; Bowen ASP-CSP App; Practice Exam on the Bowen website; Homemade flashcards.  For the ASP, I felt totally confident from the review course. For the CSP, I remembered being unsure of the first 30ish questions and I felt like I was dying inside, but suddenly I came to a few questions that I know the answers for and then 1 or 2 more which built up my confidence. Don't let the questions you don't know get to your head, flag it down, move on and get back to it. Once my head cleared up and my confidence was high, I was able to go back and answer some questions I wasn't able to answer on the first go.  I hope this will help those looking to pass the ASP and CSP and Thank you again, Bowen, for the wonderful review course! Now onto the CIH ;)


I passed my CSP exam this morning! Just want to say thank you to Bowen EHS and Will for preparing me with CSP prep course. It really did help me along the way. The use of the Bowen EHS CSP course, Bowen EHS practice exams, and DataChem really aided in my preparation for the test. So relieved!


I took the CSP Prep Class in October of 2018 at the beginning of my study process. I just took the CSP Exam on Tuesday and passed. I wanted to thank the Bowen EHS organization for all of the hard work that went into putting together the study resources that are available through Bowen EHS. A big part of my study process involved the Bowen EHS CSP exam practice question vault and practice quizzes and going back through the downloaded lectures. Bowen EHS is an awesome resource and I have recommended it to several colleagues. I am now a dual certified CIH and CSP and it is mostly thanks to Bowen EHS. Keep up the good work.


Passed the ASP! Patrick - thanks for the course and taking the time to really be there and answer questions to help us through. You made me feel comfortable with the material and signing up for the CSP exam today!!! Great instructor!


Thanks Russ! Course [CIH] was great, but one really has to put the effort into this apart from just the course. I even got a 100% on Toxicology after getting 45% back in Spring 2014. All the best!


Hi, guys I passed my ASP exam this morning on the first try! Thank you Bowen EHS and Pat for your help. The study materials I used were pocket prep ASP/CSP, David Yates and Roger Brauer book. I took over 65 ASP exams on the Bowen website and studied easily 2-3hrs a day for 6 months. I think the key to success on this exam is being exposed to a multitude of study material to draw upon. Also, eliminate the terrible answers so the odds are in your favor. Really excited. Good luck to all!


I am so happy to have passed the ASP exam. This was my second attempt. I really was weak in math but I took the Algebra ll class and finished a couple of weeks ago. The first time I took the exam my calculator was on mathprint for some time and several problems in before I realized it. I identified my weakness via the first try and focused on the math and management which were my weakest areas. Today, I felt confident and nervous at the same time. Afterward, when I left the testing area the gentleman from the front desk was standing there with a folded paper in hand. I just knew he was hiding that I did not quite make it for the second time. I took the sheet and opened it! You Passed! in bold letters made my knees weak and my eyes filled with tears of joy. WOW! what a feeling. Thanks Russ.


Passed the ASP exam today. Registering for the CSP now! A big shout out to Pat for all the help! Great course. On a side note, my wife was a big fan of your jokes :)


Passed the CSP using the same brute force quiz question method I used for the ASP. I thought the CSP was the more difficult test, largely due to the question formatting. Read them very carefully to ensure you are solid on what the question is actually asking. Many here recommend taking the CSP soon after the ASP and I would echo that opinion. I had a 6-week gap. I was still in the mood to study but was hitting the turnout point prior to my exam. Good luck to all who are taking it soon!