Certificates are automatically emailed to you once you complete the required work for your course or webinar.

How to Access / Find Your Certificates

  1. Sign into the Member Center.
  2. Navigate to your profile by going to the user menu (upper right corner where your name is), clicking/tapping to open the menu, and choosing Profile.
  3. Find the Miscellaneous section on the Profile page. Click/tap My certificates.
    profile details - view certificactes link highlighted

Go to My Certificates


Didn't get your certificate? Check the following:

  1. Did you complete the evaluation? This is the primary reason people miss.
  2. Did you get passing grades on all of your work?
  3. Did you complete all of your work? Most courses have a progress bar at the top of the page to let you know which activities you have completed (green) versus the ones that you haven't (blue).

Go to the Member Center

Email issues

If you didn't get your email, please check:

  • your SPAM, Bulk Mail, or quarantine folder in your email account.
  • your email address in your Member Center account: View your profile

Requirements for Certificates

Sometimes a course has some exceptions. Below are the general requirements.

Webinar Certificates

These are the parts you need to complete.

  1. Participate in the live webinar or review the on-demand webinar recording.
  2. Score 70% or higher on the quiz.
  3. Complete the webinar evaluation.

Review Course Certificates

Complete the following:

  1. Listen to each of the lectures (participate live or review recorded lectures).
  2. Score 70% or higher on all homework assignments.
  3. Score at least a 70% or higher on the Bowen EHS final exam.
  4. Complete the course evaluation.

Professional Development Course (PDC) Certificates

The grading varies more from course to course. Please see your course description for more details. 

Complete the following:

  1. View all videos.
  2. Complete all activities.
  3. Complete the evaluation.