Certificates are automatically emailed to you once you complete the required work. Often people miss completing the evaluation.

How to Access / Find Your Certificates

  1. Sign into the Member Center.
  2. Navigate to your profile by going to the user menu (upper right corner where your name is), clicking/tapping to open the menu, and choosing Profile.
  3. Find the Miscellaneous section on the Profile page. Click/tap My certificates.

Go to My Certificates

Requirements for Certificates

Sometimes a course has some exceptions. These will be outlined in the course.

Below are the general requirements.


These are the parts you need to complete.

  1. View or attend the webinar.
  2. Complete the course work (usually a quiz with a minimum score of 70%).
  3. Complete the webinar evaluation.

Course Certificates

Complete the following:

  1. The required course homework with a minimum of 70% on each of them (or what is specified).
  2. Achieve a 70% or higher score on one of the final exams.
  3. Complete the course evaluation.

Professional Development Course (PDC)  Certificates

The grading varies more from course to course. Please see your course description for more details. In general, you need at least a 70% on all of the homeworks. (Calculation practice quizzes may be higher.)

Complete the following:

  1. The required course work.
  2. Complete the evaluation.